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Al Jazeera America
Dec 2, 2013 11:00am EST
. >>> the national transportation board is investigating the cause of the crash. lisa stark is in washington with that side of the story. what is the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: good morning p they tell me that they plan to interview the operator of this train this afternoon. he was injured in the crash. he is in the hospital, but they plan to talk to him about what happened in moments before the train went off the rail. the operator was drug and alcohol tested. we don't know the results of those tests. also they have subpoenaed his cell phone records. this has become a standard procedure after accidents likes these. the question is was that operator texting or talking on his phone when he shouldn't have been, when he should have been driving the train. they'll take a close look at those cell phone records. the trains involved in this accident were older rail cars. thethe ntsb continues its investigation. it will be on scene for 7 to 10 days working up the final investigation many months after that. stephanie? >> okay, lisa stark with the latest on the investigation. from washi
Al Jazeera America
Dec 2, 2013 12:00pm EST
safety board is investigating the cause of the crash. they're on the scene. lisa stark is in washington with that side of the story. good afternoon. what is the latest on the investigation? >> reporter: well, they now have the two event recorders, the data recorders back here in washington, d.c. they're in the mtsb lab, they're going through the data they can get from those recorders. one thing to look for is the speed of the train, how fast was it going. they also want to know the break pressure. were the brakes applied, when and how strenuously. i'm told the reporter will monitor the recorder every 21 seconds. the operator of this train indicated that he tried to apply the brakes, and it didn't work. i asked mtsb board members about thathat, they mentioned that ths train had nine stops before the accident, and the brakes seemed to be working fine. it will be a concern if the brakes suddenly failed. they interviewed the operator this afternoon. he was drug and alcohol tested and his cell phone records were subpoenaed, and the mtsb will be down taking a closer look at the tracks to see
Dec 5, 2013 7:00am PST
morning opinion i'm meteorologist lisa argen. subfreezing temperatures with a freeze warping through 9:00 this morning and then again overnight. chilly temperatures this afternoon and we could see rain tomorrow maybe mixing with snow at times. 50 today for a high in fremont, just 48 in san jose. we'll clear it out but still chilly for the weekend. maybe some mixed precip early saturday and the warmer weather, well, not till the >> high temperature today in minneapolis, it's 8. and i mentioned, you've got to take extra time. get outside in the northeast if you want to bask in it because it's going somewhere. and i'll tell you when. >> ginger, thanks. >>> coming up, celebrity chef nigella lawson on the stand. what she says about her drug use. and the shocking pictures with er ex-husband that sparked so many headlines. >>> also ahead, the bizarre case of a prominent houston doctor charged with breaking into another doctor's home. why she did it. >>> and inside the cult of warren jeffs. his former insiders talking about the renegade sect and its jailed leader. >>> and, take a look. in the
Dec 5, 2013 4:00am PST
longer will it last? that is up to lisa to explain. i hope it gets warm sooner because this assignment is cold.
Dec 9, 2013 5:00am PST
. and your aunt lisa lives here, in baltimore. uncle earnie? waaay out in hawaii. but don't you worry, we will always be together for christmas. [ male announcer ] being together is the best part of the holidays and cheerios is happy to be part of the family. you just ate dallas! >> good morning at 5:53. we remind you, doing good this holiday season could make you $7,000 richer, go to abc7 news' facebook pledge to "live where you live," and with each your americans we will donate a dollar in your honor up to $75,000, and everyone entered could win $7,000 in cash. the winner is announced december 19th. spread the love the. >> in new york, santa helped deliver a most challenging christmas win. three siblings were taken to see santa and told them what they wanted for drill. >> what do you want? >> toys and my dad to come home. >> ahhh. >> airman actually made arrangements with santa ahead of time to surprise his kids and they haven't seen him for seven months while he was away on a training mission. the family plans to cherish every moment this christmas. those kids going to believe in santa
Dec 9, 2013 6:00am PST
so you here outside enjoys. we tested ten. listening to music while she runs helps keep lisa going. >> it is a fatter to running. >> she runs near other runners and car traffic and she chooses head phones careful limit. >> the movie distracts you but you may not hear anything. >> we tested head phones that let you hear outside founds and the music. one set, ear heroes claims to be the most elite ear piece with a price to match at $150 but they had the worst sounds of any we tested. >> it was harsh sounding. >> in fact it could be the highest price we tested, the ear hero had the lowest rating at 6 out of 100. >> you need to know if you could be in trouble. >> "consumer reports" found others that purchased much better in the test, in fact, apple's basic ear pod at $30 remain rated high. the sound quality is most important, "consumer reports" recommends the bose head phones at 100 which are less expensive than the ear hero the. >> they said our product designed if safety so the user can listen to the device and the surrounding. we are willing to sacrifice some sound quality for safet
Dec 4, 2013 2:00am PST
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Dec 3, 2013 4:00am PST
to take on her great accomplishment. " and lisa betten says " i am neither upset or support of about the total. she obviously needs people to approve of her. she sang " look at me. " maybe she's not getting the attention and support his grieving for her husband. --she's saying. >>anny: we want to know what is think. on the conversation on our facebook page. would you rather have spoons for hands or elbows for ears? i'd rather have food. [gasp] let's make a late night foody call and get - my munchie meal with the new hella - peño burger. it's loaded with sliced and stuffed jalapeños, melting cheese, and spicy taco sauce. i'll eat it with my... sppoooooonnnnn haaaaaands! what? i can't hear you... talk into my elbow! they're back at 545. one to talk about the weather because we have several things happening. we have some wind, rain and cold temperatures on the way. hey erica. >>erica: yes lots to talk about. it felt like one around here. --winter. there were trekking to rain earlier. the remainder of it is actually an milpitas but no longer impacting highway 237. it's actually moving
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8